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DYNAFLEX 230® Premium Elastomeric Sealant

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"Silicone Tough" latex sealant that offers outstanding exterior performance against the elements. Developed for flexibility and crack proof performance, this sealant endures expansion and contraction without cracking or losing its seal.

Key Features
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    Paintable in 2 Hours
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    100% Waterproof & Weatherproof Seal
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    Exceeds ASTM C920, Class 25


  • Details
  • SKU Code Unit Size Color Dimensions Weight Case Pack Cases/Pallet
    7079874084 74082 300 ML WHITE 8x6x12 13.1 lbs. 12 108
    7079874086 74086 300 ML ALMOND 8x6x12 13.5 lbs. 12 108
    7079874102 74102 300 ML BLACK 8x6x12 13.5 lbs. 12 108
    7079874108 74106 300 ML GRAY 8x6x12 13.5 lbs. 12 108
    7079874110 74110 162 ML WHITE 7.75x7.378x10 8.6 lbs. 15 120
    7079874111 74111 162 ML CLEAR 7.75x7.378x10 6.27 lbs. 15 120
    7079874120 74118 300 ML CLEAR 8x6x12 10.01 lbs. 12 108
    7079874849 74849 300 ML CEDAR TAN 8x6x12 13.5 lbs. 12 108


  • Technical Data
  • Why offer a sealant designed for windows, doors & trim?

    Windows, doors and trim are among the top applications for sealant for both Pros and DIYers. Many times consumers choose acetoxy silicone technology for exterior applications on these projects, however DYNAFLEX 230® meets performance standards of acetoxy silicone with the added benefits of being paintable, low odor, easy to tool and easy to clean up with soap and water. It is engineered with increased elongation by 33% to deliver increased toughness for outstanding performance against the elements.

    What does “Silicone Tough” mean?

    Based on laboratory testing, DYNAFLEX 230® delivers the performance characteristics of acetoxy silicone, but with all of the advantages of a latex sealant (paintable, low odor, easy to tool and easy to clean up with soap and water). Beyond meeting the ASTM C920 Class 25 test standard (demonstrating over 50% total joint movement in extreme temperatures), the DYNAFLEX 230® also meets the same stress/strain tests as acetoxy silicone.

    What is “Composite” molding and why is it important?

    The term “composite” is a term used to describe synthetic building materials (including polystyrene, MDF and others). The synthetic building materials market is a $3 billion industry and is growing quickly, especially with molding and trim. Usage of composite and PVC trimboard has become common, and few sealants are able to claim compatibility with this category of materials.

    What colors does DYNAFLEX 230® come in?

    DYNAFLEX 230® comes in a wide variety of colors to match the most popular colors of exterior siding and trim. Colors include: white, clear, almond, gray, clay, cedar tan, brown, bronze and black.

    How long is the shelf life on this product?

    A minimum of 12 months from the date of production in an unopened tube

    Can I use this in a shower?

    No. The product is not applicable for use in a bath or shower.

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